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Let's Show Survivors What Real Love Is!

Give in the month of February as part of PATH's "Real Love" campaign!

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Because of Valentine’s Day, February has most of us thinking about love. The survivors PATH works with every day don’t always have that same experience. Unfortunately, a lot of their relationships started out under the guise of love but then turned into something very abusive.

We at PATH want to spend the month of February showing you how human trafficking and abuse victims have been given a false picture of love. We want to show you how we try every day to show them what real love and healthy relationships look like. So please stay tuned to our social media platforms for education moments that we can all benefit from!

We also want to use this month to show an outpouring of love to survivors. We want to do that in 2 ways. First, come shop at the survivor-owned and operated Blue Sparrow store! While you’re there, you can show your love through the Have a Heart, Guard a Heart initiative (more on this to come). Second, you will see a link to our Real Love fundraising page on every post. Let’s show PATH’s precious survivors how much we care through our giving!